Isn’t this usually called a F.A.Q?

Typically, yes, but you’re not looking for questions, you’re looking for answers. We’ve got them. Hence the title.

Why should I hire Epic Websites?

We’re very good at making websites, but that’s not what makes us the best. We focus on building excellent long-term relationships with our clients. That means that you’ll always know exactly who to ask if you ever have a question, and who to call if you absolutely need something done right.

What are your rates?

See the pricing page for more information about our rates.

This other website says that I can buy a website from them for $100. Why should I invest more?

The quality of the final product is completely different.

Let me explain further. Creating a website is a long process that takes forethought, planning, understanding of business, understanding of audience and target market, getting to know the clients’ needs, technical skills, quality content, and graphic design skills. The website you’re reading took more than a hundred hours of consistent effort planning, designing, writing, editing, revising, managing, and promoting over the past few years.

It’s a hard truth of the world, that nothing good comes cheap. There is no magic bullet software you can buy to build a good website for a hundred dollars. Whoever invents that will be a very rich man, and put all of us “little guys” out of business.

Until then, I still have a job!

How long will it take to finish my website?

That really depends on you. All of our websites are tailored to our clients’ needs. Some of our clients want to be involved in the placement of every pixel, and some of them just want something that looks good and gets the job done. I have some clients who send everything I need from them on day one of the project, others who work on the content for months as we piece the site together.

Each website has different considerations, but most websites can be ready in two to four weeks, assuming that I have all the content I need from the very beginning of the process.

If you have a pressing need to get a project out of the door, we can accommodate most deadlines. Just let us know of the specific time constraint and we can work on a solution for you.

How do I pick a good web designer?

Every good designer will be able to give you the name and phone number of people he’s worked with recently who will recommend their services. If they can’t (or won’t) give a list – red flag. If you call one of the people on the list and they give a less-than-positively-overwhelming review – red flag. Your designer is showing off his most important client relationships. They should really shine, or he’s doing something wrong.

Speaking directly with other clients will give you honest answers and an excellent sense of a designer’s character. This is why Epic Websites gets most of our clients through word-of-mouth – our clients are happy with their sites, and so they love to recommend us!

Will I be able to make changes to my site after you build it?

Yes. All of our sites are powered by one of the major Content Management Systems. These systems allow nontechnical people to post and update content like they would in Microsoft Word or another text editor. WordPress is our favorite!

Sometimes, learning a new interface to a website can be difficult. We always offer training services to our clients with clear explanations about how to use their websites and web services.

I’m interested in learning more about how to manage my website. Do you offer training services?
We’re all about educating our clients. We think that it’s one of the most important aspects of this process, and do our best to lead our clients to making smart decisions througout every phase of the web development process.

We do offer introductory training services both in-person and via Skype for all major content management systems. We can give training presentations to groups or do more interactive training sessions on a one-on-one basis.

The big names in hosting service offer cheaper packages. Why should I host my site with you?

If you decide to host with me, what you’re paying for is the availability of my excellent technical support services. I provide access to all the same services you’d get hosting with a big data center, and the best possible support available, because I manage your website directly.

I provide technical support to non-technical people in plain English. Most of the hosting companies out there will assume that you’re a developer and give you succinct geek jargon and call it advice. Since I built your website, I understand any problem you might have and can provide you useful support.

You won’t find that quality of service available with any other hosting provider.

Learn more about our hosting service…

I need a website for my business, but I don’t know what to write. Can you help with content?

Yes, definitely! Content is the most important part of a website, and it’s important to make sure that it is quality. We work with content professionals that have years of experience writing for the web, and offer content workshop as an elective service.