Download HD video from Youtube safely

Posted by on March 15, 2012 in Web Design Blog | 0 comments

Some of the sites where you can download videos from Youtube aren’t safe to use, they install viruses or malware onto your computer. Here’s a really easy and convenient way to download video from YouTube safely and easily; assuming you have the firefox web browser.

Not strictly related to web design, but important tool to have nonetheless. I was downloading Creative Commons video for a WordPress theme I’m going to release soon and needed to have this ability.

How to Download HD Video from YouTube with Firefox

  1. Install the GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.  (https://addons NULL.mozilla
  2. Install the UserScripts YouTube Video Downloader for GreaseMonkey (https://www NULL.userscripts

Once that’s active, there will be a “Download” button next to the “Share” button on all Youtube videos that allows you to easily save multiple versions of the video file to your computer.

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