Emory Luce Baldwin, Family Therapist

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Emory Luce Baldwin, Family Therapist

What They Said:

“Alex Stek is totally professional, incredibly knowledgable and talented, easy to work with and very, very affordable. He built my new, kind of extravagant website a year ago and for the first time ever, I actually get complements about my website from my clients.

Just recently, Alex rescued my site after I made a mistake that undid a lot of the formatting (never forget: the “reset” button really means “erase”)… [and] had my site back and looking good again within a day or two. And did I mention how nice he is? He was even really cheerful about it and kindly refrained from making me feel more inept than I already did.

In all my mushy/gushy gratitude, it seems like the least I can do is to thank him as publicly as possible. So, take my advice and hire Alex–you’ll never find a nicer or more capable web guy!”  – Emory Luce Baldwin, Family Therapist

What We Did:

Emory Luce Baldwin provides therapy services for individuals, teenagers and families. She needed a website to advertise her business in a way that was clean and could organize and display a lot of information in an effective and visually appealing way.

For this website, I made drastic changes to an existing free theme for WordPress. The resulting website is beautiful and very functional, and while the website does contain a lot of information, it is organized visually so it is easy for a user to find what is important quickly.

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