Twin Rocks Vacation Rental

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Twin Rocks Vacation Rental

What they said:

“Terrific! -  Alex walked me through the steps of what input I needed to provide to him so that the website would draw customers. Since listing with Epic websites I have had a 50% increase in inquiries. Alex totally captured the essence of our rental property on the website!!!” – Cindy Spoor

What we did:

Cindy Spoor contacted me about updating her website which advertises and represents a rental home in Lake Groton, VT. Her old website was HTML-based so it was difficult to maintain and needed a visual update. I hand-crafted her a beautiful, unique theme that complements and emphasizes the sublime beauty of the camp and its surroundings. The site is WordPress-based so it is easy for Cindy to go in and make changes to rates and upload pictures. The website is beautiful and easy to use.

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