Why WordPress?

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Web developers and computer people in general talk a whole lot of jargon that makes very little sense to the layperson. Most of my clients don’t speak geek and don’t have time to learn. They just want a website that looks good and does what it’s supposed to. Fortunately for you, that’s my area of expertise.

One term that I do like to familiarize my clients with is WordPress (http://wordpress NULL.org/). WordPress is free web software that allows a person to create a beautiful website or blog. I use the technology on nearly every new site I create for a client.

WordPress, the king of the CMS' (http://wordpress NULL.org/)

Originally, WordPress was intended to be used as  a blogging tool, like Google’s blogspot.com (http://blogspot NULL.com). It’s evolved naturally through community contribution into a more fully fledged web Content Management System. For both client and developer, WordPress is a godsend. WordPress provides the client with the ability to easily make changes to content once the site has been posted. It’s a clean, organized, yet highly extensible system.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that long after I finish your site, you’ll be able to go in yourself and make changes to text, post images,  and post content updates.

In the past, every change to a website meant lots of work with File Transfer Protocols and HTML and other non-user-friendly technologies. Usually it means hiring and paying a developer premium rates to make simple changes to text.

With WordPress, you don’t need to know HTML to make changes to your content. Posting to your website becomes as easy as posting to a blog, or formatting an email.

You’re not paying me to make simple changes to your content. Using WordPress allows me to focus on what I do best: handling the technical and design aspects of your website. I handle domain registration, hosting, installing WordPress, configuring WordPress, designing a theme, working with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, creating page structure, installing plugins, organizing content, making sure it looks right for every type of computer, administration, and technical support.

People ask me why everybody in the freelance web development world is so crazy about WordPress. My best answer is that in my opinion, no other Content Management System is quite as elegant, extendable, and easy to use as WordPress is.

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